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Renee Cushman Art Collection Museum

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Renee Cushman Art Collection Museum

Renee Cushman Art Collection

Springerville, a town located in a scenic four seasons area of eastern Arizona, would seem an unlikely place to find an outstanding collection of European art. But so it is. Visitors will probably be surprised to discover that this museum contains an engraving attributed to Rembrandt, three pen and ink drawings by Tiepolo, and dozens of other pieces of art and furniture dating from the Renaissance to the early twentieth century. This remarkable collection was a gift to the area from Mrs. Renee Scharf Cushman, who had lived in the area for only a few years during and after World War II. Only upon her death in 1969, when she willed this valuable collection to the local Latter-day Saint congregation, did anyone begin to realize how much she had loved the land and respected the people.

In 2012, after over 40 years of honoring, arranging tours and caring for this collection, the Springerville and Eagar Third Wards passed the Renee Cushman Art Museum on to the Town of Springerville, to allow a greater exposure to the Collection.

Located within the

Springerville Heritage Center

418 E. Main Street, Springerville, AZ

 Self-Guided Tours

Open Monday - Saturday


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